If you arrive in day time, our house keeper will welcome you


If you arrive late then you will take your keys from key box

There is a keypad at the entrance of building. 

Password 3479


Enter the password you will see a green flash on the keypad if you enter

the password correct. 


First pull the door yourself and then push it. 


Enter the building and you will see a key box on the right side. 

Password 1496E 


Enter the password and turn it to clockwise

Take your keys. Close the it and turn it to opposite clockwise 

Thats all, your room number is written on the keys.

There is wifi at the entrance, just in case if you need to text me.

Wifi name : beyaz 

Password : Cityhouse1514


You can connect to wifi and text me if you get any trouble with getting your keys. 

Download as PDF